Future Gadgets That Will Change Our World


Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace that it’s hard for most people to keep track of it.  We are living in an era of technological revolution where high-tech gadgets are released almost every single month from drones that can delivery pizzas to phones with facial recognition.

Yet you may wonder—what are the future gadgets that will change our world in the future?  Here’s a rundown of some of those gadgets that will change your life years from now:

  1. Holographic television.

Considered as the next big thing in home entertainment, holographic television is something you may have seen in superhero movies like Ironman.

In fact, UK broadcaster BBC recently created an experimental holographic television as part of the firm’s efforts to explore emerging technologies. With the experiment, the broadcaster was able to bring to life some of its old footages. While we can’t expect our TVs to show holographic image anytime soon, holographic TV is expected to make watching TV more engaging again.

  1. Organic ceiling lights.

In the next 10 to 15 years, expect organic ceiling lights to become ubiquitous.  LED lights of today are bright like an incandescent bulb but can last for more than a decade.

Organic LED lights, though, can mimic sunlight and offer a more natural glow.  These lights can also be turned on and off from mobile devices or touch screen panels.  And yes, they should be able to last as long as LED lights.

  1. Do-it-all phones.

Smartphones today have become as versatile as any other gadget out there. We use them for taking photos, communicating with loved ones and browsing the Internet. But these phones are just scratching the surface of their potential, so to speak. Expect them to become more ‘super’ in the future.

In the next 10 years, smartphones could be the only way for us to pay for products and services. You’ll be using a smartphone to pay for every single transaction, from your food, airline fee and even utility bill. It will also replace every other gadget you need, from a digital camera to your PC.

  1. Smart appliances.

In the future, your refrigerator will be smart enough to place a grocery order depending on your preferences. It can gather data on which foods you like to store or eat, and use the information in ordering food from a grocery store.

A smart blender, on the other hand, will link to a device for tracking your diet then check with your smart refrigerator. The blender will then set up the appropriate smoothie recipe based on what you have in the blender and how much weight you’ve gained as of late.

Even futuristic pans will be smart enough to tell you when to turn down the heat!